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digital domain reel logo effect ?

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New Houdini user here. Im trying to recreate the effect used for the Digital Domain logo in their showreels (seen at the beginning here) where the logo deteriorates into binary-shaped particles.

As far as comp goes in After Effects, i'll have a second logo layer that just wipes away underneath a particles layer. But i dont know how to go about creating a similar particle emission in Houdini. I've had a look at the "pulverize" tutorial at CGtuts and trying to implement it.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction, maybe a website /thread /tutorial showing disintegration or a similar effect.

And since the particles would be instanced in to 0s and 1s, is there a way to instance multiple objects for a particle group?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated


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Hi, welcome :)

First of all, even though you could instance, I don´t think that would be needed at all just for 0s and 1s, plus you will have more control with a Copy SOP. If you create a POPNet inside SOPs, the particles are nothing but points that you can copy onto. Use a Copy SOP with a stamp funcion on a Switch SOP so that you randomly copy 0s and 1s.

That part is piece o´cake. :)

Now as for the dissolving part, you might attack this as two different effects. One one side you could delete gradually the original logo. The good way of doing this, would be using a texture, or "helped" with a composition effect later on, but it is possible to do a rough example with a boolean or a similar method(cookie). Use the intersection of the erasing effect for emitting particles, and copy the 0s and 1s over those particles. Use the rest of the logo merged with the output of the copy....voila!

You know what? because it´s tougher said than done, I created a rough example for you. Check this hip file. Please, excuse me for the rough erasing and dull particle motion. Everything is done in a mere 5 minutes just to show you that it is simple even if I was writing endlessly above. :P

Hope this helps,


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cool thanks for the help Erik :) Would it be possible to give it a slight vortex like quality as it heads towards the camera ?

Sure!! (sorry for the late response)

I just added a VOPPOP with a rotationVOP inside..You can do all sorts off cool stuff to add some more "drama" to the scene.



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