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Looping in Houdini



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  1. 1. Looping in Houdini

    • Yes please! I think this is vital!
    • I can see how this'd be useful, but not too important for me.
    • Don't really see the point...
    • I think this is bad idea.

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Would you like to see Loop operators inside of Houdini?

For example:

*) ForeachGroup SOP subnetwork - traverse point or primitive groups, and

giving us access to a incrementor and group name inside the network

*) ForNext SOP subnetwork - giving us the incrementor inside the subnet

*) Simulate SOP - allows the remainder of a chain or a subnet to perform

simulation on geometry ; i.e. accumulate changes to the input geometry

from frame to frame and also provide a "Reset Frame" or "Reset Condition".

This doable (kinda) with the FileSOP/GeometryROP/wriitng-the-same-geo-file

loop. This would be like a feedback system.

Any additions or enhancements to this concept?

Any suggestions for implementations?

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