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Awaken - Masters Project. A VFX Piece.

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This VFX piece is a final completed masters project I have done in Bournemouth University.

I have touch it up alittle after the submission like adding fire and tweaking some of the grade. etc.

This is the link to the breakdown.

Software used include:

Houdini for all 3D.

PFTrack for tracking.

Zbrush & Photoshop for texturing.

Maya for image projection baking.

Nuke for compositing.

After Effects for motion graphics & final output.

Music is by Moby "New Dawn Fades"

Hope you guys like it!




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Great job! Loved pretty much everything, especially the fact that you modeled it in Houdini. Don't get to see that very often. Also the metal shader looks fantastic!! All the little dings/scratchs in the opening shot look great.

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Hi everyone! Thank you very much for the comments.:)

Almost all 3d stages were done in Houdini.

Maya was used for image baking projection so I can fix some of the textures in PS. And 1 or 2 pieces of the character was modeled in maya on my mac to begin with(save time as I am modeling in Houdini on the linux) then in houdini there were MAJOR adjustment to what it is now. So is the ship. Maya was used for the initial model of the ship which was insanely modified in Houdini to split into two for the last 2 shots before going to zbrush for texturing.

I'm really glad u guys like it.



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