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"Make Breakable" on certain RBD?

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So here's my problem. I have a pre-fractured wall. What I would like to do is be able to pick one piece from this fractured wall and fracture it dynamically again with the "Make Breakable" tool. At first, before looking at the tool, I thought I'd be able to just select that piece and click the "Make Breakable" button and it would just work on THAT piece (because I have the wall falling a certain way or else I'd just simulate that ONE object separately). But unfortunately, it still does the dynamic fracturing on the ENTIRE wall.

Anybody have any ideas on how to do this? Thanks for any help!

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Have you tried "Group Dynamic Object" ?

Thanks for the response ehsan! I took the suggestions from you and one other post at sidefx.com

Yeah, I just used "Grouped Dynamic Objects" on all objects BUT the one I wanted to fracture. Then I deleted that group, which isolated the one piece I wanted to fracture.

Seems to work alright. Thanks for the help!

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