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this is short clip i have been working on last few days

hope you like it :)

looks cute and the render quality is nice :-)

can i give you some tips?

i'm not a profession but i find the movement needs a bit of fine tuning. found a video for inspiration:

in the movie you will see that the muscle around the aboral surface gives one big slow push and at the edge it soften out.

the aboral surface should also be a bit thicker.


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thanks mandrake

it wasnt meant to be biologicaly correct at all

goal was atmosphere , learning some wire sims and making render look good

the render looks very nice :-)

just the aboral surface i didn't like but the rest(shader,light,background,particle,jellyfish) is in very good quality and the atmosphere is excellent....

it's a nice peace of work :-)

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Looks nice. The only thing that looks off to me a little is the shadow from the head. Jellyfish are not quite opaque, and I would expect some raytraced translucent shadows carrying the jellyfish colour and transfering it to the ocean floor. A really dark shadow looks a tad out of place.

Other than that, a worderful peice of art.

Very nice!

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