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Houdini and Python shell

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Hi! I have some questions about working with houdini throught python shell

1. I trying to run mcbiovision script using this code:

from os import path,system

root = "/media/PROJECTS/02.Lift/03.MoCap_Data/"

file = "Cowboy.BVH"

file = path.join(root,file)

system("mcbiovision -w "+file)

and nothing...

Terminal writes: Unable to open Cowboy.cmd for writing

The interesting thing happens when i trying to use this function from the folder where Cowboy.BVH exists.

antonio@antonio:/media/PROJECTS/02.Lift/03.MoCap_Data$ mcbiovision -w Cowboy.BVH

everything is OK

So, how can I modify my python script to play mcbiovision function from the folder where .bvh file sits?


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