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make a game in 48 hours

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this is not an effects challenge per se, but this seemed like the appropriate forum anyway :)

A 48 hour game making competition called ludumdare just started a few moments ago.


I've been making a game for class at SMC for the past couple of weeks in houdini. (mostly as per hiptricks vol 4)

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to try the same techniques in 48 hours to make another game for this competition.

I thought it would be even MORE fun if some other people were doing the competition in houdini, too!

So what do you say?

The theme is "Alone"


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hi, so, i'm trying to do this game thing, and I want to use DOPs to be able to push little gates (maybe with a hinge or pivot of some sort) around to direct the flow of particles to the heart object.

I have a metaball which I want to serve as the player character. I'm controlling it using the joystick chop.

Can anybody point me in the right direction on this. I have a subscription to CMIVFX but i don't see a video in particular that pertains to DOPs. It's pretty hard for me to learn from the help files...

Here is my hipfile. if anybody has a chance to look at it, let me know something. thanks.


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