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intersecting geometry

Hello world

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Hi does the intersecting or overlapping geometry takes lot of time to render.is there any ways to solve this.I did a fuse SOP to reduce the point counts.

No, that alone will not increase render time.

Tell us more.

Are you computing GI?

Are there reflections, refractions?

Which renderer are you using.

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I think it will increase rendertime considerably. The more intersecting overlapping things you have the longer it takes for the renderer to figure out what is in front of what. If it is completely hidden I think it will just ignore the geo.

At least in the viewport that's the case.

But, I'm not too sure and would welcome a render-expert's opinion.

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I too would like to see an explanation on this.

Afaik culling of back facing micropolygons happens just before sampling the visible points in mantra.

That's much later step in the pipeline, so yes having hidden/overlapping geo will increase rendertime.

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