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internal glue


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hi there !

I'm having this problem on a RDB sim :

I have a animated creature that have to smash a cage that contain it.

Ive created the cage with wire sop and then partition it so all the element are a separate group. i've imported this RDB glue obj into the dop network as well as the creature obj (active rdb obj).

now I want this : the creature hit the cage several time but only after lets say 6 seconds of sim the cage has to be broken.

I've keyframed the INTERNAL glue of the cage to -1 and after 6 seconds to 0 or positive valeu.

but the sim do not work : if the sim starts with -1 the cage wont' be broken at all during the sim and if the sim starts with 0(or positive) the cage is smash down at the first impact.

seem that keyframing the internal glue do not affect the sim .

Anyone can help me ?

tnks a lot


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if you want to animate internal glue value you need to:

Allow Editing of Content of your RBD glue DOP object

go inside

Allow editing of Content of rbdfracturedobject1

go inside

find node named rbdstate1

and in Glue Tab change Set Default on the left of Glue Strength parameter to Set Always

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