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Evaporation / Bubbling


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Hey Guys,

I need help achieving this effect (

). Not sure whether this can be approached strictly with particles or would have to rely on Houdini fluids. The final effect has to look like bubbling and sizzling of surface. Would greatly appreciate if someone can point me in the correct direction. Edited by Igor Boshoer
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Maybe you can do something with particles and metaballs, or particlefluid surface. I think your bubbles should seed from stable points within the liquid, slightly grow as they rise and burst at the top.

The bursting will be very fast so you may be able to get away with little detail in there -or little accurate detail, especially with mb and refractions/reflections. You could maybe set something up that gets the bubble's top and bottom part and deletes/expands those as they die. Then a bit of splash particles for extra effect.

It's an untested idea of course.

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