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Combine a Material Shader Builder Mater (Houdini 11 Glass) with Fracta


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Hello folks! I've been having a bit of a problem with the Houdini 11 Shaders. I really liked the way things were done in 10 and I also understand the advantage of the new system implemented in 11. But I love the way fractal dent creates displacements for water surfaces and I'm trying to combine it with Houdini 11 Glass.

What I tried so far was to create an output node, dive inside then add a "compile vex to shop type" version of the glass so it has an output and add the fractal dent. So I pipe these into the suboutput1... It works applying the suboutput1 to the geometry, problem is... when I want to change it to a material all together... surface input disappears when i collapse (shift C) and only the displacement shows up ? So how do we combine these 2 like we could had in the 10 Glass Shader??? thanx! =)

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