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Stamping a File-Path (copy stamping strings)

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Hey folks :)

I have a series of bgeo files. geo_1, geo_2, geo_3 [...], geo_80.

What I want to do now is import them using a file SOP, and then copy them to a bunch of points (randomly) using the copy SOP and it's stamp function.

What i did so far:

connecting my point source to the right input of the copy SOP.

connecting my file SOP to the left input of the copy SOP.

copy node:

stamp inputs -> checked!

stamp variable: rand_geo

expression: round(fit01(rand($PT),0,80))

expression explained: give me a random integer number (based on the point number) between 0 and 80.

file node:


This stamp expression should end up giving the file SOP for each iteration of the copy node a different file-path leading to import a different geo-file each time. But it is not working like this. What did I do wrong?

Thx for your help!

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oh maaaaaaaaaaaan!!! I hate syntax! :D

Now it works! Thx alot!! Yeah! :)

lol, next time remember that string and filename fields will not show the result of expressions by clicking the label with the left mouse button. You must click the middle mouse button to toggle displaying of the results. Try it, you should be able to toggle the display of the full filename.

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oh nice! didn't know that either! I tried and it works as you said it would.

Let me say that this forum is awesome! Such quick replies, such helpfull people... just absolute superb! THX! :D

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i ment internet forum / bulletin board / message board.... i may have translated wrong in the first place, sorry.

My first language is german, i'll try my very best ;)

I was being sarcastic. That's my bad. I'm Canadian. It's impossible to translate what we say sometimes. ;)

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