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Correct way to cache a fluid simulation (or any other)??

Ankit Pruthi

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Hi everyone,

Just today I was working on a flip fluid simulation and tried caching it.

These are the steps i followed:

Add a file node after gravity node, and set it to write simulation to disk, and set file compression to on.

And then, i pressed the play button and let it cache the sim in specified directory.

After this, i set it to read mode.

Now the issue i believe i am facing is that the whole DOP network is still evaluated and calculated even if i am loading the sim from disk.

So whats the correct way to load it?

I went through the help file and seems like it was the right thing to do, but this is the first time i tried caching so i am probably wrong.

Would be really helpful if someone could give a basic overview of whats the process.

Thanks for your time!!

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