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Naiad vs H12 FLIP ?


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what do you use for fluid simulation at work and what would you use for large scale fluid simulation?

It seems more and more studios use naiad nowadays. However, the just release H12 FLIP is very comparable in terms of speed,

and amount of particle it handles.

as a Houdini user, I am trying to focous learning FLIP on H12 at the moment, however,

If Naiad has been a concrete solution in most film studios, I better spend some time on that too.

What would be your suggestion??

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Fist of all, it's not fare comparison. You should compare with Real Flow which is specialized for Liquid sim.

So I hope this already can be answer for this.

If you just want to focus on liquid sim, I would say go for naiad though.

And these things is basically just one artist never be able to decide but company does.

So I think what you wanna do is more important and pick best software.

Again for liquid only(especially, large scale sim ), I would say go for Naiad.


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Naiad and Houdini works very well together. Its fun to create your own custom attributes like color and use them as fields in

Naiad. Naiad also export out bgeo, so its a breeze to interact.

I find RealFlow to be to slow and buggy.

I will focus on Naiad.

Just my 2 cents :-)


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hi, guys, sorry for late reply and was being away for project due, thanks for all the suggestions.

I work in a small botique with only few vfx artists(5 include me), most of them use realflow but being unsatisfied with it, so we try to seek something else. I happend to be the only houdini user there and think the H12 FLIP is quiet compareable to naiad as well. However, as it is just out, we are not sure if any studio is considering taking into that direction instead of naiad?

So, from your suggestion I guess we will have a look at naiad first. Thank you :)

to essencevfx:

would you mind share more info in your comparison? if that is ok to share. any info is appreciated. like would you think you might replace some naiad seat with more H12? what would think the pros and cons of both package?

Thank you :)

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