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houdini with 3delight/pixie

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hey all

I'm trying to run houdini with 3delight or pixie .

3delight I got to render but I have problem with recognizing light shaders .

With pixie had no luck.

I was wondering if anybody have nay tips on how to pipeline those two renderers to Houdini and get some

good results.

I'm currently on Houdini 4.1 if that helps.



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Houdini ships with PRman *slo shaders, these wont work with 3Delight. (im sure you know this already).

All you have to do is set the HOUDINI_RI_SHADERPATH to all the places where you have your 3Delight shaders (3delight/shaders).

since rmands only works with slo, you will probably have to always use the "RMan shader" sop and type by hand the name of the shader and its parameters. You might be able to create your own dialogs though. If I figure this out I will post a tutorial on how to do it

Be carefull about the light shaders you choose, you will only be able to use the shaders that are already compiled by 3delight. (poinlight,spotlight, distantlight,etc) Most of the shaders that shouw up for you to use under the light RIB tab wont work (attenlight,attenshadow,attenshadowspot,etc) unless you compile them for 3Delight first.

I dont know how you can get pixie to work. It is still in early development so you might be throwing something it cant handle yet.

Good luck

Rudy Cortes

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Thanks for help

I got it to work almost everything including deep shadows.

I had to make some extra preinclude declarations

To make thinks work.

It is a good rendering engine so far.

As far as shaders go to work it from Houdini I have to compile

Them 2 times, first for 3delight and for prman. Them a make controls

from rmands for slo which work in the same time with 3delights sdl.

Now I'm pocking with ri_primitives

and that is not so easy so far.


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