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Translate Geometry to World Origin


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Hi All,

An easy one here - but for some reason I can find a solution to the following myself:

Is there a way to enable Global transformations in the Transform SOP so I can move an object from any point in space to the world origin? Or some other way just to simply move an object to the world origin?


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Write -$CEX -$CEY -$CEZ in transform sop's x y and z translate parameter respectively

Cheers, thanks mate! Makes sense :P

Taking that a bit further means I can move a geo to the origin based on a specific points location using the point() expression.


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technically you could use an objectMergeSOP and use the transform field at the top so it points to something sitting at the origin.

i'm not sure how H12 handles objectMerge.. but it used to double you memory for whatever you are merging back into sop land.

the pointSOP with the $TX-$CEX, $TY-$CEY, $TZ-$CEZ is the easiest.


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