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I am creating an effect for my assignment for which I need some suggestions/tips/ideas from you guys.

The ground is covered with dry leaves. All the leaves start getting attracted towards one area on the ground. All those leaves gets lifted from the ground and then start spinning in the air. After a while with a small burst all the leaves fall on the ground and one character walks out of those leaves.

I am trying to show teleportation effect here. I have done some tests by following Peter Quint's Dops forces and Dynamic spheres tutorials on vimeo. I copied small sized grid on top of big size grid and then using metaball with magnet force I am moving all the small pieces towards the center of the metaball.

I wish to know if there is any other trick to achieve this kind of effect. I need some tips from the people who know Houdini well so that I can so my reasearch in that direction. I am adding some images of my current r&d work in Houdini with magnet force.






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You're going in the right direction.

There's no wrong way if the shot is working for you.

Of course I would go with particles instead, since is way less expensive. But, if you really need collisions, there's no other way out of the shelf.

Also apply some noise to your leaves and a slightly mass variation, to make the motion less predictable.

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