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Loading Shelves Through HOM

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Hey Guys.

I'd like to modify my 123.py file to load a shelf-set into the dock using HOM. I am aware of the hou.shelves.shelfSets() method, but it only returns shelf info or lets you create brand new ones. I don't want to create, I just load ashefl-set into the dock.

Thanks in advance!

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Just found out about pythonrc.py. Going to test this out and see how it goes.

The pythonrc.py won't do it either.

Here's something I learned from SESI. There's an argument you can pass to Houdini called 'waitforui', followed by any python script in your path. I created one called something like shelfconfig.py, which launched my shelfdocks. This works. Only caveat is that you have to pass the .hip file in the first argument.

houdini myHipFile.hip waitforui shelfconfig.py

Who knew?! I hope someone out there is listening, because the 'waitforui' is something I never heard of!

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Thanks fxrod to have this thread, I just found out you can't trust their document to the letter.

For guys on Windows platform, you have to use absolute path for the selfconfig.py otherwise Houdini13 will shut the UI off and keep the process going in background.

And you can't load hip file after the python file as stated in official documents here.


Seriously, there should just be a callback function to let us setup UI related stuff, life would be so much easier that way.

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