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Bring rig into DOPS ?

Guest mantragora

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Guest mantragora

Let say you got fully rigged mechanical monster, like this attached below. With IK/FK and all angle constraints(default from bones or just added yourself in your parameters) in place. And now you want to bring this into DOPS, throw it fom stairs, simulate it and have all those angle constaints working there too... and still have the option to stop simulation, modify some arms, switch between IK/FK, run simulation etc.

First thing is, how even would you bring rig with bones woking into DOPS ? Especially I'm curious about IK part. Bones would need to update their position too. I supose for simulation time bones should be switched to FK mode to simplify things, and just when you want modify something you switch to IK to add you animation and switch again to FK for simulation.

Should I rebuild rig in DOPS and just match my bones position to it ?

Any ideas ? Or even better, ANY EXAMPLES ?



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I think in this case you would sim your IK set, which would then drive the model, using the updated model as the collision detection for the bones. I would imagine the sop solver is what you are looking for. If you wanted secondary animation you would then bring the deforming model in and sim that with your secondary pieces.

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