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Pyro Control Field Ramp


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I am trying to get a better handle on the "control field ramp" in settings under shape parameters such as disturbance. Basically, I have a combustion sim that is emitting smoke and I am trying to get disturbance to be applied only in areas of high temperature like right around the fire at the base, and I'd like to remap that with the control field ramp, but have had no luck.

Has anyone been successful with something like this? I've tried tons of combinations, but can't seem to get that control.

Any advice is appreciated!



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Disturbance is masked out by the density to apply noise to those areas not part of the bulk simulation, or that is what it is intended to do. It also doesn't have it's own visualization geometry so you have to view disturbance by viewing velocity enabled the Pyro Object.

Try adding turbulence noise based on temperature and use the remap range and the ramp to dial in the noise exactly where you want it. Use the turbulence visualization to see exactly where the noise is being applied and make sure that the Velocity visualization is off on the Pyro Object as it will get too confusing to see. Should be straightforward to dial in the noise where you want it based on the temperature control field.

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