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particle and copy rotation


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I have a teapot and scattered point on there

and send the points to POPNET.

Give it a simple turbulence with force pop and the box rotation suddenly changes at frame 2 if the force activation frame is 1.

How would I fix this rotate suddenly changing without blending it after?

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1)Z axis of the geometry you want to copy aligns with normal of the particle.

2)Y axis of the geometry you want to copy aligns with upvector of the particle.

3)By default normal of the particle points in the direction of motion of the particle. As direction of motion of particle changes, normal of the particle also changes the direction with it and so does the aligned z axis of the copied geometry.

4)You can override the normal and upvector of particle by using point sop or creating attributes in popnet.

5)Just add variance on source pop (set initial velocity) so you will have some velocity on frame 1 which will be tweaked by force pop and you will not get sudden rotation of boxes.

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