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Flip Morphology Control


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Hello, everyone.The last two weeks I was using flip simulation of a down from the mountains of the effect of flood, I pulled a long time did not achieve their desired effect. Someone give me advice, a plurality of different initial speeds, different time to launch, and the corresponding force field, or with the body made form appearance, I tried to use RBD that effect is very ugly. I want to ask all of you to make the form as below, give me some advice and Houdini files!

Thank you. this video

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No hip files.... but....

Realflow, and Naiad may be good alternatives if you have the time.

you want pure control-ability, model some hidden walls to bounce the waves off of. Or model some aspect of the wave the scene you showed has a alot of ways it can be chaeated specificly to those shots. And do post particle advection and foam spray.

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If you want to do something like the video you posted, why not just have a HOT surface that you deform by hand? It almost looks like they did that for the final shot.

I think if you want a purely "simulation" approach you could have animated pushers under your fluid surface. Also, retiming is your friend for a shot like this.

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