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Particle Birth


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I have 100 frame of animation(bgeo files). Looking to copy this to particles.

Just trying to figure out how to get the File SOP to start frame 1 of sequence at birth.

Using the copy stamp inputs to obtain per particle information.

D:/test/ring.`param("birth",1)`.bgeo, where "birth" could be needed expression.

I can get the particle birth frame by $F-(int($LIFE*30)), may not need this?

just trying to figure out how to use it correctly..

any ideas,


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another way that may solve this problem is to use a lookup function, 1-100.

So that at particle birth it starts at 1. I'm testing the use of chops.

If anyone is familiar with lookup uses, all ideas are appreciated.


problem solved, set lookup in Color POP to $LIFE, and set color values

as 1-100, and set life expectancy to 100 frames. Finally referencing this

point information as my value in File SOP.

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