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.rat or .dsm whats the workflow to render deep shadow maps using 3del

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Hi guys right now we are using 6 lights at the root level and they are named as light1 light2... light6

now we have character groups which were created in geometry sop and in the ROPs we have character shadow map ROP, character occlusion ROP and so on...

now when we have multiple characters in the scene and we want to render each character with the set of all 6 key lights and for that we need to generate shadow maps individually where the shadow maps should have unique name

now the prob is that we have 6 lights at the root level and in the character groups we have all the geometries and shaders. Now when it comes to lights we are ok to use the positions of the lights but when the shadow creation happens they should get unique character shadows map names instead of one global shadow map and how its possible..

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