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stereo optics and 3D


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So I've been interested in stereo optics for some time now and recently have been doing some research on possibly doing it on my own in 3d.

From what I've found, the cameras they use is a combination of two small cameras attached to each other, sitting side by side, with the center of each lens being apart from each other approx the distance of our pupils. (i think i read 8cm somewhere but dont hold me to that)...and those are both slightly angled in and pointing at a specific distance away (much like our own eyes operate).. and of course, depending on the showing, the image is processed for either the red\blue anaglyph method or the 45 degree polarized method.

im not so interested in the polarized (even tho it looks much better). mainly because you need expensive special projectors and i didn't know if problems would occur due to interlacing if i end up putting something to tape. so im going the anaglyph red/blue method to see if i can just get some test studies to work.

basically so far, i have setup 2 cameras that are both being controlled by a control null. then i also have a lookat null that is set off and locked at a specific distance ( just did a random distance at this point).. and of course some dumb sample model of spheres, boxes, and circles to test on. so i render that out and it seems to be working camera wise.

now comes the compositing aspect of the two cameras. unfortunately i don't know cops, so i went the after effects route since my background is in motion graphics. AE has a nice little 3d glasses effect that can set up the layers to work in different modes.. but i really don't know how exactly this plugin is working, so i was kinda hoping to just be able to do it on my own (probably through the shifting of channels i would expect). my results arent great, but seem to be getting there (i think)...

so basically i was wondering if any of you have messed around with this at all and could give some insight. or if you haven't before, but might be interested in figuring out a solution..

any help is appreciated....



oh and btw, if you wanna see my setup, heres a file:


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