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Read illumination from a point cloud

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Hi guys,

I am trying to read a illumination information from a point cloud I have previously generated using custom shader. Basically I am trying to do the same thing as in Renderman. The difference is that I am trying to use Point Cloud VOPs for this and I only need direct illumination read back. The writing seems pretty straight forward since I could generate the point cloud without any problem. However when I am trying to read it I get only back render and I am not entirely sure what is wrong there. I am attaching the example file.

Thanks in advance,



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to read it back you can just use pcfilter, it doesn't require to be in while loop as you have it now

just plain pcopen-pcfilter-color

but important part, as a channel in pcfilter put just Cd, instead of yours Cd:color, since as you can see when you open your pcloud as points the name is just Cd

then it should work

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