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autoresize flip setup houdini 12.0


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Hey houdini peeps,

I have a nice little sim working for some dirt using FLIP but i'm think ahead and i want to minimize the steps involved in setting this up in multiple shots or in multiple places in the same shot.

The problem i'm having is that you need to move the volume container to have its limits be within where you're simming otherwise after the first frame.. nothing fun happens!

It would be great to have the volume container resize without need the limit. Does any one know how to get this going?

I've attached a scene of where it fails ( if you take disable the /obj/surface/xform1 all is good again but the trick is a clean way to get the container to readjust )!

I remember seeing an h11 trick using gasresizefluid and a sopsolver, but i haven't had any luck getting that to work!



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the volume limit box is there for your own safety, since it ensures that volumes will not exceed it, imagine same stray particle falling to infinity, it would easily stretch your volumes until you run out of memory

since volumes in flip are by default dynamically resized fit the particles, but only within those limits

if you really want to disable the limits, it is possible, but keep above lines in mind

unlock and dive inside FLIP Solver

find node named dynamically_resize_fields

and change Combine Fixed Field parameter from Intersect to Replace

now the volume limit box will be ignored, but again, do this at your own risk

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ah yes, i see!!

that helps, i appreciate what you're trying to say, i'm going to have other failsafes in the rig to ensure the sim doesn't go out of control its really just the initial placement based on different layouts that i want to automate.

i can even look at just auto positioning much in the way that shelf tools work!



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