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Proper and full parm evaluation

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I'm struggling getting the right parm evaluation for setting attributes in a subnet or digital asset.

What I'd like to be able to do is the following.

reading the parameter value: example 4.1

using an expression in the parameter: example ch("../null/test")

using a variable in the parameter: example $PR

using an animation expression in the parameter: example bezier()

using a combination of the above: example bezier+$PR*ch("../null1/test")

Using ch() allows me to get the value, the expression and the animation curve, but not the variables.

Using eval(chsraw()) allows me to get

  1. the value,
  2. the variable,
  3. the expression partially (It must be linked from the node where the expression is made. In the added example this is one level deeper. So ch("../null1/test") becomes ch("../../null1/test"))

But not the animation curves (bezier() doesn't work.)

Any ideas to solve this problem? Example file is attached.




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why not put the curve in an extra parameter and just reference it with chf()?

I'm trying to make the digital asset operate with flexibility as a native node. For example with the PolyExtrude you can set up such an expression without a problem.

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