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Bullet Solver - Initial Impact Subdata


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Hi all,

I have a simple set up here where a RBD object receives an impulse from a static object at the first frame. I have played with the 'split impulse' and 'collision padding' settings with were suggested by other members of the forum that commented on a similar problem.

I am hoping someone can actually help me with a concrete solution to this issue as I do not want that impulse/impetus on the first frame. Somewhere in the help files, it says:

"The Bullet solver does not have the option to distinguish resting impact in impact data."

I was hoping there would be a work around for this problem.

I do not want to settle for the RBD solver as I want to take advantage of the bullet solver's speed because I would be simulating a lot of objects.

Every intuition offered would be appreciated :)

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