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How do I read out the current selected tab number from a multiparm fol


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I am trying to make an interface where only the objects of a certain group are visible, when the corresponding folder tab in the interface is opened.

I'm using a multiparm tab group in order to allow for an unlimited amount of groups to be controlled. So if I have 5 groups, then only 5 tabs are needed, etc.

If I use a a series of radiobutton folders I can call the currently selected folder tab with a ch("") expression. But if I do this with a multiparm, it returns the total amount of tabs currently visible, not the number of the currently selected tab.

So my question is, is there a way to return the number of the currently selected tab in a multiparm tab group?


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works for me


I have a question through, how do I find the name of the tab(s)? A multiparm creates instanced folders, the tabs themselves have numbers but using the # doesn't work, neither does typing in a number or the name of the folder work. That or i'm doing something wrong.

I used the python shell with hou.node('../../subnet1').parm('folder').eval()

But all this gives me is 10, the total number of tabs.

So how do I use this to retrieve the active tab?

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It's...fairly fiddly.

In your parameter properties you have to call the name with a number at the end. The fiddly bit is getting it to work!! I usually click random buttons and names until it coughs out something that works, so I end up with idiotic names like method_0_3b_4, but once they work I don't touch it anymore.

So, tabs labelled with something like:





and then you get the numbers at the end of those labels with the expression above.

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Just so we are on the same page, I do know a way to make radio-buttons and other folder tabs work this way:

If you want to say, hook something like a switch up to radio buttons, you should name the groups like so:





(ensure they are all in the same folder group)

Then reference them as such CH("../folder1") (the number is important)

Once houdini updates the node that uses the ch() expression, it should cause the selected radio button to reference to a number.

0 = folder

1 = folder1

2 = folder2

3 = folder3

However, when you create a multiparm, it only has ONE folder (with controls inside). This folder is then instanced # amount of times.

Normally you can then call upon the controls by typing their name with # at the end. This example can be used when you are using a foreach node for example: ch("../instancedParameter" + stamp("../","FORIDXVALUE",0) )

But the CH("../folder") expression when used with a multiparm folder references to the total number of instances that are currently created. And ch("../folder1") results in a bad parameter reference or 0, as does ch("../folder#") and ch("../folder" + "#" ).

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