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Channel SOP Dilemma

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I have 8 points in SOPs. I make 8 channels in CHOPs corresponding to the 8 points. I mess around with the 8 channels so that they are unique (to be used as a trigger attribute for each point later).

Now comes the time to bring the 8 channels back into SOPs so that each channel represents the value of an attribute on each point.

I have 8 channels, I have 8 points, but how to I apply the channels back to the points correctly using the channel SOP (or otherwise).

(see attached scene file)



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Cheers sadhu, that totally works... Thing is though, what I don't get is that the end result in CHOPs by the time you have got to the "OUT" node is the same as in my example file is it not? We have 8 channels called trigger[1-8] that need to be transferred back onto 8 points... Why does the fact that it has come from a geometry chop rather than an arbitrary channel chop make any difference?

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The Channel SOP in animated mode expects that the channel numbering start at zero, not one. If you modify your example so that it produces trigger0-trigger7, it'll work. The reason that the geometry CHOP solution is working was because it is producing channels that start from zero. The help card doesn't make this clear, so I'll add a blurb on that.

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