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Jose fernando - 3D Generalist | VFX Artist - Showreel 2012

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Hello everybody,

Atlast, i find the time and gutts to showcase my work in front u all, its been my first year since i stepped into vissual effects, all the works showcased are mostly student projects from MA Digital effects @ NCCA. where i found some really talented people around me to shape me up into the world of vfx. And i should also say a huge thanks for supporting me around with any help and doubt in this forum.

I'm still in bournemouth, uk, looking for any job. i have production knowledge with houdini, maya, pf track, and nuke. where i could fit in any entry level position ( if u feel so )

if u like the works and would like to contact me,

here are some links

mail : josefernando62@gmail.com


thanks for watching!

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