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hdk SIM_SolverHair.C example hip

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anyone have an example hip scene that uses the hdk example sim_solverhair.c?

there is a note in the header file, but i don't think i'm setting this up right.

Would EmptyObject be pointing to some wire object?


* The simplest network to see something working with this...


* RBD Object EmptyObject

* \ |

* \ HairSolver

* \ |

* \__ Gravity

* \ /

* Merge


* The gravity node should be set to have a non-zero X velocity.

* The HairSolver node should have the name of the rbd object

* (default rbdobject1) as its Source Object.


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On 8/26/2014 at 5:25 PM, Stalkerx777 said:

I t would be great if someone could share a simple hip file for this hdk sample. I can't make this to work.

Me, too. I also can't get SNOW_Solver.dylib to work X_X

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