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Fence Tut on CGtuts - need help


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So I am following this tutorial which would never be used in the real world because it only allows you to build a fence on a flat plane and as everyone knows, the ground is NEVER flat:) I am trying to modify this to be able to use in a real world setting.

I have fixed it mostly except I can't rotate the the fence boards with normals because I have to shut off "transform using template point attributes"


This is the only section and then I have a functional fence tool. Can anyone help?

Here is a link to the Tutorial: http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/side-effects-houdini/3d_cg_houdini_sidefx_modeling_asset_vfx_workflow_autofence1/

fence test.hipnc

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​Really helpful, it looks like the main difference between our fence's, are your use of null's. Can you explain to me what the null's are used for? I have seen them in a few files but do not understand why I would use them myself. I haven't found a single Houdini tutorial to explain why I would use them.


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Hi Pixate,

The way I understood the null nodes (as they are often used in the files/tuts I saw), is that they are some sort of exit/entry points.

The fact that it's a null that ends/starts a network makes it easy to change upstream without bothering to refer to a new node if this graph has a different ending node.

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Null nodes also enables you to create less "spaghetti like" networks especially when building larger tools.

Null nodes do not really do anything, but are useful to reference, at the top of an sub-network for example, or at the output of something like combi pointed out.

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