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How to render a sequence in the /out context?

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I am trying to render a series of nodes with multiple frames to .geo files.

Below is my current setup.

if I render the geometry nodes one by one they work,

however I am unable to render everything as one sequence.

The order is important, It needs to render out Level -1 completely before moving on to the Level 0 and so on.

Note that each Level has a different amount of frames to render.

I have tried a couple of things, like Batch nodes and other things,

but this my first time to work in this context and I can't seem to find a tutorial on this topic very easily.

If I render the "OUT_GEO" node it gives me the complete output of Level -1, but it stops afterwards.

If I put a Batch node after each switch it gives me the complete output of Level-1 and the first frame of the other levels that are enabled.


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Ok apparently when I searched for Render Operators I found this:


which seems to answer my question, however when I connect my nodes correctly and put a batch at the bottom,

it renders my first geometry node correctly and then gives an error on the second one "error Rendering input: out/GEO_SET/Lvl-1"

basically I only need my second node (Lvl0) to wait till Lvl-1 is completed, it is not directly dependent in terms of rendering.

It just needs the output files to load somewhere in the /obj Context.

I was thinking that this should be relatively easy to do?

Edit: I have now linked up my nodes by calling the render command of the next node in the post-render script of the node in python.

This seems to work, but I know this is not really the best way to go about it (or should be in any way)

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