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getting attribute's value outside POP context


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Anyone can help me with that? I'm trying to visualize an expression inside houdini's viewport by creating a curve using the wanted attribute value, but I'm stuck at a certain point.

I'm trying to get an attribute's value of a specific particle created inside a popnetwork from a new geo node (add + point SOP).

I tried something like this... points("../../ emitter/popnet1",1,"Spring") I'm not sure if I'm using the right expression?

If there is a easier way to visualize expression in a graph in houdini, let me know...

I hope it's clear?

Someone know a place where I could learn the basic of expression and getting values inside houdini??


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looks almost right off the top of my head (no s on the points though, ohh and spaces).

point("../path/to/node", pointNumber, "attribute", index)


point("../../emitter/popnet1", 1, "spring", 0)

Not sure on the uppercase S on Spring. Check it out and see.

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Thanks for the help, I had almost the right expression :). btw with "point" I have to add the index at the end too. And my bigger problem was that I hadn't check the "match by attribute" box in the pointSOP.

Now that it's working is there a way to create a curve base on that point transformation ? I'm trying the trail, but it's doesn't seem to work

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