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Houdini shell

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Hi guys,

Sorry for this very basic question but I'm baffled!

I'm using Linux Mint 13 and Houdini 12.1.25 (or 125?) and I cannot find in the menu (Start menu) the Houdini shell. I seem to remember that in the past it was there. So, where do I need to go now to access it?


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Hey - im using Mint and im a newbie - but the houdini shell for windows was created for windows because you dont use the shell at all in windows - in linux you do this (becuase linux is all abotu using the shell)

Open up a terminal

cd to your install directory - im my case:

cd /opt/hfs12.1.185


source houdini_setup

Thats it - your houdini shell is live - its all in the help files

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You dont have to do this each and everytime, when you want to run Houdini, You can auto mate it

open up terminal type gedit .bashrc

that should bring up ur login shell

add this lines to ur .bash file

pushd /usr/hfs####.#### (ur version of h12)

source houdini_setup


That should do it

every time you launch the terminal, ur environment is initialised.

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