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Fissuring animation into DOPs issue*SOLVED


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Hi guys,

I am new to houdini and trying to create a ground fissure animation. I would simply want a fissure there the pieces from the ground lifts up(from the crack) as long as the fissure continue growing.

I have created the fissure path, the glue network(animated) for my pieces of the gorund, the animation of a fissure path wich will push up the ground pieces and everything works. The only problem is that when I import the fissure animation into DOPs it wont appear or affect the gorund pieces. I have checked out the help files for importing animated objects into DOPs without further success.

The methods I have tried so far is to simply make the fissure path object into a RBD object and choose "use deforming geometry" as well as "inherit velocity from point velocity". It didn't work so I tried creating a SOP network inside DOPs and object merge in the fissure path object, it didnt work either. Then I tried to create the whole fissure path object inside the SOP network and it still doesn't work.

I'v also tryed to create the same simulation with a animated metaball. the only problem is that metaballs only affect the pieces when the middle point of the piece touches metaball(or am I wrong) wich creates not a crack fissure but just lifts up whole pieces.

So I have cleaned up the hip-file and removed my different failed tries and just left the house geo, animation of the glue network as well as the fissure path object. I would appreciate if anyone have an idea how I could create the effect. Either using the method of an animated fissure path or by usig a different force to create the fissure.

Thank you in advance

The files needed are attatched.



Edit: I simply solved it by making a terrain object from my fissure path object*

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