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How to contraint each fractured object to its pivot?


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Hi Guys,

I need to constraint each fractured objects to its pivot, I read on a old topic that is possible with the apply relationships node+pin constraint, but i'm having some troubles...

It doesn't work this way afaik. You can't use object mask in pin constraint. You can constraint each object to its pivot by using Apply relationships node, use something like argc(dopobjscreatedby("../fractureparms")) as number of rels and stamp pivot pos info of every object to pin constraint node. This way you constrain ALL frags. So you need to decide which pieces to constrain first.

Or you can simply change the active state of the objects -> use dopoption($DOPNET, $OBJID, "Position" "py") > some_height as activation for Active State DOP(don't forget to Set Always). This way every frag with pivot Y coord > some_height at $CT became passive.

Another way is to glue all frags to ground with some glue force.

The other method changing the state of the objects works but if I add a glue network it doesn't work anymore cuz there are 2 overrides I think.

Using this expression in the constrained location inside the pin constraint works but of course it not gets the pivot of each fractured piece.


Thanks in advance.


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