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copy otl to subnet

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Hi guys~

Recently I made this code for let otl stick to a hip file.

But in this case .asCode() method seems not very intuitive.

And there is some bugs too!

Is there a any better method for it?

Or someone achieved this before?

Help me~ :)

sels = hou.selectedNodes()
context = sels[0].parent()
for src in sels:
dst = context.createNode('subnet',node_name='testname')
templatecode = src.parmTemplateGroup().asCode()

# fix bugs of the templatecode
templatecode=templatecode.replace(", ,", ',')
templatecode=templatecode.replace('default_expression_language=hou.scriptLanguage.Hscripticon_names=([]),', '')

exec templatecode #hou_parm_template_group automatically made by the code

srccode = src.asCode()
srccode = srccode.replace(src.name(),dst.name())
srccode = srccode.replace(src.type().name(),dst.type().name())
srccodelist = srccode.split('\n\n')
srccodelist.pop(1) # delete node creation code
srccode = '\n\n'.join(srccodelist)
exec srccode #hou_node and hou_parent created by the code
del hou_node
del hou_parent
hou.copyNodesTo(src.children(), dst)

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Hi edward~ thank you for your answer!

I use those methods... but It seems not really split with otl nodes from their otl files.

Yes, I said "stick to hip files". But sorry, I really want is freeing otls.

I had some issues from it. (render farm issues, sending hip to others, or even my personal favorite..)

I don't know.. maybe these happened cause I don't have enough knowledge with otl or otl preferences.. anyway.. now I don't want to see the "embed" mark on the otl definition tab.

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