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Textures not updating in viewport

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I have searched the odforce forums and seen about 8 or so previous posts on this subject.

They all seem to suggest typing in an hscript texport "texcache -c", or using the shelf tool in the "Texture" tab called "clear texture cache" which does the same thing. This doesn't work for me. I am using Houdini 12.1.185 on linux.

My test scene is a simple cube with a clay material applied using an aribtrary texture in the "Base color map" parameter.

I overwrite the map on disk and want the display in the viewport to update either dynamically or by updating manually to display the new texture.

No matter how I try, the "texcache" command doesn't seem to do this.

First thing:

Should this command do something in this case and am I doing something wrong?

Second thing:

What does seem to update the texture in my viewport is choosing the "Update Textures" from the "Render" menu.

I want to understand what commands this is running behind the scenes and what types of textures in what contexts it will update.

For example, will it only update textures in "/shop" or will it update any textures used in shop subnets elsewhere in the houdni session as well?

End goal:

Basically I am using Houdini fur and I am running into an issue when I overwrite my length map for example, and I can't get the new map to be detected without restarting my Houdini session. It is proving to be a big problem...

Any help would be great!

Cheers everyone.

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Have the same issue (but in sops - using color map or texture vops). Reported, was confirmed as bug and was suggested to use Update textures in render menu (just as you did).

Although i have some more weird things - i have my cached geo (using file sop) still visible (sometimes) in viewport even if i turn off geo node.

It may be something similair with texture problem - no recook when you're changing something or two completely different things.

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Well good to know I'm not just doing something stupid. What I would still love to know however is what the code is that is being run when the "Update Textures" option from the render menu is chosen. I want to put it in a shelf tool along with some other code...

Anyone know?

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texcache is now only for op:/ references in OPs, as of H11. It does not contain viewport (GL) textures; it is now more accurately an image cache.

'glcache -c' is the command that is run for clearing viewport textures, which affects the OpenGL Cache in the cache manager.

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Riiiight, thats better cheers Mark, I could see that my texture cache was being cleared because I did a

texcache -l

and I got the following message...

Cache contains 0 images

0 bytes used in texture image cache

That made me think it was a gl update issue.

Didn't see that command though. It updated my viewport as I wanted.

I can't imagine a time when you would want to clear your texture cache and not have the viewport update... seems a bit weird to me.

It'll be great when sideFX get round to updating the python equivalent of code like these too.

Thanks again!

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I was wondering about this. Running 12.1.230, and I'm trying to force Houdini to update textures per frame in a shop.

I'm doing game engine visualization using the openGL rop and the results are inconsistent. I'm animating a bunch of prerendered image sequences on sprites and having a heck of a time getting it working.

I tried adding opcook and glcache clear to my pre frame scripts but that results in a core dump.

The weird thing is, it sometimes works. I close and reopen the file and it doesn't work, just renders the first image in the texture sequence.

/edit Render> Update textures just crashes my session.

/edit #2

Trying it in 12.5 the behavior is more predictable. I can use opcook -F to force the shaders to update on each frame and that gives me a workaround for now

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