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Trouble with alembic geometry and long sim times

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Hey all,

So I'm working on a project for my thesis where I have geometry imported from maya (Alembic) acting as a container for fluid in Houdini. I've converted the alembic to .bgeo files and am using that as an RBD object. My original issue is that when I run a flipbook, the alembic file only creates geometry on each frame without interframe animation, which results in the liquid staying in one place while the alembic geometry moves around. I've increased the substeps on the dopnetwork node but I get the same results. Any advice on how to solve this?

Also, whenever I try to do a flipbook, it takes hours to render a frame. It could be that I'm using my schools computer network which is bogged down with theses files at the moment, but just in case it isn't, is there any way I can speed up the sim time?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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