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Duplicate Objects w/ Constraints in DOPs? (Apply Relationship DOP)

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In the example video/hipfile, I have a piece of candy, which is three rbd objects constrained together.


Is there a way to do that in DOPs? I know you can "emit" rbds via some expressions in the creation frame parameter, but that doesn't take care of the constraints. Can we make a debris gun this way?




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I've got some progress with the Apply Relationship DOP, but I can't figure out why it only generates a constraint on the first set of objects. What have I omitted in my case? I've been scouring other threads related to the Apply Relationship DOP and looking at examples, but I can't figure out what I've done wrong...

Also, does anyone know if there is a good reason the Cone Twist Constraint doesn't work with Apply Relationship? Or does it sound like a bug?




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Apply Relationship is a way to go, but it should be used correctly for it to work, it's very complex and powerful node so it's very easy to make a mistake

here is working example

and yes, Cone Twist Constraints work with Apply Relationship DOP

EDIT: since the file is using Cone Twist constraints it's for H12.5 only, for lower versions just connect pin constraints instead which are inclued in the file next to cone constraints


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Aha! I didn't realize the way I was naming the objects was also screwing things up, in addition to my using the Apply Relationship incorrectly. Thank you!

Do you find that using one constraint per Apply Relationship the way to go, generally speaking? Or was that just the most straightforward way to deal with combining 3 objects like this?

Thanks again!

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