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Box drag selection

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Hello all, I am new to Houdini Fx, as to this forum.

While spitting through all tutorials, i keep on running at a problem.

Maybe its a small problem for you guys, but I cannot fix this.

The problem is, that I cannot box select.

For example, as I was doing a tutorial about animating in spring SOP's I had to select the points that weren't attached to the ground and make it a group.

So I had it in front view, and dragged a box over the points, but nothing is selected. I tried various key combinations, like dragging with a shift or ctrl. But nothing seems to work.

I than selected all by pressing a but I had to unselect the points manually with shift and clicking them one by one.

Now the points are on a grid, so it was in the x and in the y direction, so that is a whole lotta work.

I tried it with several projects but the box selection is not working.

Can someone tell me what is wrong?

Is there a different approach or am I just doing it wrong?

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Hello Mangi, ty for the upload of the picture, but this I did , so that wasn't it.

However Mark, I do have an AMD card, so that will be the problem.

I have the Houdini FX 12.5.376 apprentice version installed so it is not the 469 version you adviced.

Do you know how I get this updated? Or is the learning apprentice limited to what they offer to work with.

I downloaded this version in late April 2013.

I am not able to check right now for the sidefx site appears to be down, but if there is a newer version can I just install over it?

Thank you both for replying.


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You should be able to download from the daily builds, the current latest version is 12.5.470. Sidefx.com --> Download/Daily Builds

It will install in a new folder, so you can always run any version you install.

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You can download builds from here: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_download&Itemid=208

These will work with Apprentice licensing. If you can't get through to the site, a temporary workaround would be to toggle to Visible-only area select mode (Shift+V, or in the Select tool menu on the left toolbar). This will box select only points you can see, but it beats deselecting one-by-one :)

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