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particle emission based on velocity of source object

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Hey guys,

Title is pretty self explanatory, but what I'm hoping to do is control the birth rate of my popnet source with the velocity of it's source geometry.

Is it just a case of adding a velocity(vel/v) attrib to my sphere at the SOP level? (It's being animated along a curve using follow path)

It seems like a fairly quick/simple thing to want to achieve, but I'm at a loss of how I'd go about it properly.

Any tips would be much appreciated! :)


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Look at the hip-file!

You can adjust the parameters in the fit-vop and in the group $CR> then whatever you want :)

oh, i missed somthing. Actually to change the birthrate.. But you could do that using the Cd attribute as well, Will take a look at it when I have time


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Hey Hudson,

Thanks for this - pretty much exactly what I wanted to achieve!

In the fit-vop, I'm assuming the source max is representational of the velocity? That's quite an interesting way of calculating it using the length of the add sop(?)


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