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Change Color with using PointCloud.


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I had a quick look. You weren't looking up anything in the pointcloud, it was set to default.

And I'm not exactly sure what you were trying to achieve.

So i've just done a quick solver thing where the heat source moves up the tube and transfers heat and added a bit of cooling. you could remove or reduce this as you prefer.

Hopefully that'll help a bit.


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Thanks so much ChiristianW.

You example file works as what I want to do :)!!

Really appreciate for your help and file :)

One thing what I want to ask you is that,

you put key on point what is source of point cloud texture.

Is there any way to do same effect with While loop without Keyanimation?

Could you give some advices?

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Thanks for your response.

I talked about your use channel Editor Y-axis graph.(going up)

It makes point cloud source points move.

What I want to do effect is bellow picture.


This is snap shot of PeterQuint tutorial.

He used neighbor node in Vex, and he change attribute value through neighbor node,

but neighbor node just can be use in single geometry.

I would like to adjust this effect into multiple geometry as bellow picture.


So, I try to change attribute value for multiple geometry.

If pointcloud is not suitable this effect, what is good way to approach to this effect?

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