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command line render daisy chained render nodes

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Hi Everyone,

I have bumped into a problem, which I can't seem to figure out unfortunately.

Basically I like to render things by splitting up the elements of a scene to be rendered by different Mantra nodes with different settings on them.

I simply connect up two mantra nodes, and click render on the bottom render node so that these nodes are set in the render control to render in a "frame by frame" order, which triggers the top render node render frame one, then the bottom one render frame one, then the top one render frame two then the bottom one to render frame two, etc. I attach a file with a very simple test scene so you can see what I want to achieve. daisyChained_basicSetup.hip If You click render on the bottom render node, it will create the frames "frame by frame" switching node instead of rendering all frames of the top node then all frames of the bottom one.

When I try to recreate the same type of "frame by frame" chained rendering in the command line, It does it "node by node", which means it does all frames of the top node then all frames of the bottom one, although the file is the same.

I tried hbatch and launching the bottom rendere, and tried also using hscript, navigating to my bottom render node and using -c execute to "click" on the render button of the bottom render node from the command line, but unfortunately both gave me the same result with rendering one node fully and I ran out of ideas.

Other than this, the render from inside houdini finds the location of the $HIP to render to correctly, whereas the command line render puts the files one folder above the $HIP (like ../).

Any help/advice is much appreciated! :)



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