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PYTHON - how to get points in group?


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i have a copy node that copies a bunch of boxes.

i would like to iterate through all the boxes and then set the vertices of those boxes.

node = hou.pwd()
geo = node.geometry()
for pgroup in geo.primGroups():
for point in pgroup.geometry().points():
print point.position()

what i'm trying to do is get the primGroups. then for each primGroup, get the points associated with that primGroup.

i'm not clear as to how this can be accomplished. pgroup.geometry just returns the whole geometry that contains this primGroup.

what i want is just the geo that the primGroup is referencing.

ie. my groups are named copy1Box, copy2Box, etc. i just want to modify the box in the group copy2Box, but geometry() returns all the boxes

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you might wanna check out iterPrims() as well

as a generator it is super fast!

Unless you are not accessing individual primitives(random access) or unless you are not going to break iteration when certain condition is met, generator won't be faster then creating a list of prims with pgroup.prims().

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