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Adding chops data to a rig

jim c

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I was experimenting with ways to do this so that I can both bring in the chops data from some source, but also potentially still add key frames to the rig. I was wondering if this idea makes any sense:

Normally you have your bones (or nulls) in the rig. Then you have a controller null that drives the associated bone or null through an expression, something like


You might use a channel CHOP to import this data in (from the null_ctrl) and then mix it with other things (noise) or reading in some file bclip data. Then you'd export it out to the null_ctrl, meaning that you could no longer control the null. But what if you used an expression to bring in the chops data AND the controls data

ch("../null_ctrl/tx") + chop("../chopnet1/null1_chop_data/tx")

where null1_chop_data is a null with a switch CHOP right above it to control bringing in the final CHOP network for the manipulated CHOP data for that null, or just a channel with empty data, so no influence from the CHOPs network.

Then you'd add a null that would become the parent to the null_ctrl and would have it's translate and rotate channels read from the CHOP netowrk as well, so now null_ctrl would move along with the null it's controlling, but also allow you to key frame some extra animation.

This set up would have to be done per control null, so a rig with 40 controls, doubles in the number of nulls, and a somewhat complex CHOP setup. Is that a reasonable thing to do, or is this overly complicated?


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