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RBD Custom Data and Dataflow


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Hi, I try to get my mind more into dop dataflow, and instantly get some questions, probably not the last ones

for example I can create new data with a sopsolver for rbd objects, but the data seems a bit different than other data, for example created with a sopgeometry dop

I'm not able to limit the sopsolver to work on a limited set of objects, the data is generated on all objects, and I can not delete the data,

I can delete any other data but not this one, but why?



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Hi again, solved some problems, but still I can not delete the Data Created by the sopsolver (FracturedGeometry) . Actually I do not need to delete the data container, but I want to get rid of the geometry data inside, as it is not used anymore. the data is created by the /obj/AutoDopNetwork/fractureSolver and I want to delete/empty it with the delete_fracturegeo.

If I set the deletedata0 parm to * all data is erased including the FracturedGeometry data leaving empty objects, but if I set it to FracturedGeometry the data is not deleted. Seems not logical.

thanks in advance



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